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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How often should I clean my windows?

A – For businesses, we recommend 1-2 times a month with all the foot traffic you will have, and homes usually 2 times a year, sometimes more depending on personal preference, or if regular maintenance is needed to keep your windows cleaned. We also offer discounts for residential window cleaning more than once a year, and for business window cleaning more than once a month, for those who want regular upkeep.

Q – Can’t I just clean my windows myself?

A – Time is a factor. Not only do we specialize in window cleaning, but we have the right tools to make the windows look good so you can be proud of your home/business.

Q – Am I able to get a bid over the phone? / Why don’t you show your prices?

A – Every home/business is different, whether its the size of the window, or the difficulty of the cleaning needed, therefore we offer free quotes so we know to give you the best price.

Q – Why is window cleaning a good investment?

A – For most people, their homes are their largest investment, cleaning your home windows regularly will help maintain your investment. During regularly cleanings a professional window cleaner will notice problems before they become more serious. Overtime seals can become cracked and rotting around the window frame can happen. Blue Wave Cleaning takes the time to clean the window sill and window channels to make sure you are aware of any possible issues before they can cause costly repairs.

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